Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Busy busy busy!!!

The boys and I went to stay at mum and dad's for the weekend and Saturday was spent at Sundown Adventure Land.... I wonder if my boys will ever get bored with this place! No photos to share as they were all taken on mum's camera... I get a new point and press for my birthday but Rob wouldn't let me have it early....booooooo!!!! Quite a few firsts happened this weekend... Oliver went down a fireman's pole on his own, Harry went on a ride and didn't cry, Dinky Doo started on baby rice. It's really quite scary how quickly time flies... I can't believe my baby is ready for solids so soon.... sob! He is loving anything banana flavoured and ADORES Farleys rusks.

We are on countdown to the summer holidays.... it can't come soon enough for Oliver, but the holidays have lost the appeal they had when I was a teacher... being a childminder it means I have to work even harder during school holidays. We are having a week off though to go on a family holiday to Butlins in Minehead. Both boys are so excited, especially once they found out that four arms from Ben 10 is going to be there!

Last night I sorted through loads of photos that I want to scrap and put them with papers that I am going to use... hopefully doing this will mean I can get on with some serious speed scrapping. It's always the choosing stash that takes me ages, so we'll see. Last night I did sketch 5 from the Twisted blog. I kept pretty true to the sketch this time too. The twist this week was to use fabric on your LO, so I made this cute little bird in a tree from felt and stitched it to the LO. It goes pretty well with the gorgeous BG bird paper and I am quite happy with the overall appearance of the LO. The journalling reads "We warned the photographer that you wouldn't smile, but she was adamant she would be able to make you. She tried all the tricks in the book but you wouldn't give in. We love these photos of you".
Harry is such a serious child sometimes... he doesn't give smiles out to just anyone, and he certainly won't smile on demand. The photographer was bemused that all the photos we chose to buy had harry with his fingers in his mouth, his shoulder turned to the camera or his arm up.... but we love them because it shows the real Harry.... the one we know and love.
My friend Jemma was the guest designer for this weeks sketch, her work is fabby and this has been recognised again as she has a new DT place over at Dotty Divas.... way to go Jems that is so stinkin awesome ;)
Right better go and get boring stuff done so the fun stuff can happen later :)


Yeong Shong said...

wow...love your layout

Jemma said...

hahhahahahahah PMSL you know what im glad you are getting down with the lingo hahahahahahaha.

love your LO seriously great love it!!!!

as for your boys, you have always embrased (spe) their differences and i think thats awesome, you allow them to be themselves and encourage their differences!!

dont kill me for this but i cant believe how much Oliver has grown!!!!!!! all three boys are super cute!!!

Novalen said...

What a gorgeous LO! Very colorful and fresh, love it!

Zoe said...

Oh Lou this layout is breathtaking! LOVE IT :-)

Helsbells said...

I love the tree on this layout - really cute :D

kathj said...

i love this lo!