Saturday, 6 June 2009

Just a few pics to share...

A couple of weeks the boys had their photos taken at Pixi Foto in the local Mothercare. I went with an idea of what I wanted and wasn't going to spend a lot blah blah blah... but they get you!!! 80% of the photos they took were gorgeous and I could have bought them all if money had been no object. In the end we went for an individual one of Oliver and one of Harry,
and a large group arrangement made up of these photos
I have scanned the pics to be able to print them out to scrap for their albums.... naughty I know but hey, I paid a small fortune for them I will do what I like with them!
Been a busy couple of weeks here with the kids being off school... thank the lord they go back on Monday so I will just have the little ones to entertain and feed. The weather is lousy here today which is good as I can be indoors blitzing the house so that I can actually get some scrapping done tonight... and I am so going to make sure I do. I haven't done any for ages as I got caught up in the whole Britain's Got Talent thing... the best people won, I could sit and watch Diversity all day they are amazing. And what can I say about Simon Cowell.... I'm afraid I'm on the phwoarrr side of the fence where he is concerned... am actually considering auditioning for BGT 2010 just to get a wink from!!!
And as for Big Brother this year... I watched the launch show just to see what bunch of misfits they found this year.... not sure if I'll get caught up in it all though, time will tell.
I can share these LOs with you now that were created using the May Sarahscards kit. Another gorgeous kit to work with, I sub on behalf of my mum and she hasn't been disappointed with a kit yet.... each month she says it's the best kit so far, so if you are looking for a kit to sub to Sarah and Lianne do put together lovely papers and emebellies... you will not be disappointed.
Right off to shower and dress so I don't look like a tramp all day.


Jemma said...

well you can try but even dressed you may look like a tramp all day ;)

says the girl in her trackie bs and boob tube top because she has so many mozzie bites!!!

LOVE the photos they are awesome!!! Although Oliver is a proper boy now!! hes lost the babiness in his face :( is it just me or is he looking more like Rob??

love your LOs all of them are awesome i love that JillyBeans, but im totally scraplifting the bottom one to kick start my scrapping again!! hope you dont mind :)

Natalie said...

Fantastic pics of the boys, they are all so cute! I cannot believe how big they are now! Charlotte has been several times and spent way too much money on the pics but you can't help it when they are so cute!

I'm with you on the Simon Cowell thing even though i don't like to admit it! I'm trying to talk my Grandad into doing it with me next year...but i don't think we'll be quite as good as two grand but it gives me an excuse to play my music loud!!

Take care xx

Rachael said...

Gorgeous photos Lou and I love the LOs that you have done with the kit.