Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Scrapping... my sanity saver!

Dinky Doo is still a nightmare.... Nuff said!!!
I'm really lucky though as I have good friends round me that can see I am at the end of my tether with him and are helping me out when I need it. I keep telling myself it can only get better, because it really can't get any worse! It's a good job that he is smiling and cooing now... it does melt my heart and eases the stress of the clinginess and constant screaming if I put him down for more than 5 minutes. I managed to get these photos of Dinky the other day by having the hoover switched on (a noise that seems to calm him). It was nice to have both hands free and to get more pics.
I have also started scrapping again at night time.... Rob takes over with baby duties at 9:00pm so I get to do what I want. Now really I should be doing exercise to get rid of some of the lard... but playing with pretty paper is so much more fun!!!
I have done a few LOs with the lush May kit for sarahscards which will be shared soon. And last night I managed this LO. Now it may seem strange that the title for this is Mummy's Little Angel when I go on about what a nightmare Dinky is.... but at 5 weeks old he wasn't too bad in comparison to now. Tonight I will be doing another LO that tells it like it is... so hopefully I will be able to upload this tomorrow.
Right, only a short and sweet entry as typing with one hand is slow and is a pain!!!
Back tomorrow... hopefully :)


Jemma said...

Lou im so sorry to hear he is being a pain, but just look at that face, as you say its a good job hes that cute!! :)

love your lo love that pps!!! glad to see you are scrapping again and cant wait to see what you come up with tonight!!

BTW do what i do, scrap standing up and put music on so you are dancing, its exercise and scrapping - huh you like it??

nikki said...

He might be a nightmare but he is definitely a CUTE nightmare - gorgeous :)