Saturday, 28 June 2008

Smack smack bad blogger!!

I have had no inclination to blog for ages... for a number of reasons. Decorating has kind of taken over everything at the moment... quite often I haven't been sitting down until gone 10 at night so blogging has been the last thing on my mind. On the 19th I had my wisdom teeth out, so that kind of floored me for a while. I am recovering now... the swelling has gone and the bruising is now so light it can be disguised with make up, so just waiting for the stitches to come out. It is a good feeling knowing that I won't have any more wisdom teeth problems.
I have also been a bit up and down emotionally due to the drugs I have been taking to try and get pregnant. I am on a higher dose than I have taken before and I am struggling with the side effects.... not fun :(

Anyway... I am hoping that I am back for good now... I even managed to scrap 2 LOs last night. This one was a take on this sketch by Jems over at Scrapbook Star.
This LO was done very quickly, and I am really quite pleased with it simplicity... maybe this is a style I need to adopt more often!!!
Anyway... I must go and take advantage of having the house to myself tonight... well the boys are in bed, but Rob is out... a nice hot bath and a spot more scrapping with a bottle of cold diet coke.... gosh I know how to live eh...LOL!!!


Jemma said...

LOTS and LOTS of love and hugs from my household!!!

TTC - it sucks and its just so hard, but i have my fingers crossed and im sending you as many baby vibes as i can!!!

Teeth - that just sucks - but use your tounge to play with the stitches and they come out faster, and its so much more comforatable once they are out!!

LO OMG i love them both, i hate how talented you are seriously seriously hate it!!!!


Jenga said...

It was GREAT to see you today :D
Love the LO's and huge fat glitter covered hugs to you xxx

Paul B said...

Both LOs fab as always, particualrly like the Precious LO. It's really striking with those warm colours. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Having seen friends who've had wisdom teeth out, I can imagine how horrid it must have been but as you say, now in the past. Maybe Chocolate & ice cream will help with the wacky hormones but hey what do I know about em :)


Helsbells said...

Good to see you back blogging Lou :) Finger's crossed for you with ttc.

Love the 'Precious' layout - the colours are so vibrant.

Take care xx

Andie said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend, I have missed reading your blog. Hope to see you soon and I hope everything else goes as planned ;) I have everything crossed for you xx

Anonymous said...

It was just great to see you yesterday, and so nice to see your talent online again - goforit! Hope the stitches come out soon ... and crossing fingers re the baby plans ... :) xx alexa

Jenga said...

smack smack SMACK!!! Over a week and no post!!!

Smack!!! LOL