Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Business will resume as normal tomorrow:)

My camera is coming home tomorrow:)
I have to wait in for it to be delivered, so I am hoping it will be a morning delivery:) HS:MSers... I'll be back playing and visiting your blogs:)

I did this cute little mini book for my best friend Annie a couple of weeks ago. It's from Carolinez Craftz and was a lot of fun to play with. There are tons of mini books available in a choice of chipboard, black chipboard and plasma, all at great prices too.

Don't forget that there is a points competition over on the Carolinez Craftz forum too.... the more you participate on the forum the more points you get... the more points you get the greater the chance you have of winning a fabby prize at the end of the year.


Jemma said...

such a cute mini book!!!

great idea!

and wooo hooo camera coming back, hate to think how many photos you will manage tomorrow

Rach said...

Wooo Hooo your cameras coming back, your cameras coming back. It'll be nice to have you back taking pictures with us. x

Eileen said...

Love the book - and it's a great photo of you, too.

Glad you've got your 'proper' camera back now.

Monika said...

That photo is ace. You look great in it. Love your mini book. Hope Annie loves it too.