Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Got to scrap!!!

Just a quickie post from me today as I have to go and scrap... I got nothing done last night as it seems I have caught the lurgy from somewhere. I went to bed early as I was knackered then was up throughout the night to change pjs due to extreme sweating.... niiiiice!!!
I feel better today, but have had a rough afternoon with Harry and Freya due to them being over tired after a busy morning at playgroup. I am ready for some me time.

Oliver and I have just got back from a trip to buy new school shoes... just how do boys manage to wreck a pair of good quality leather shoes in 2 months??? His 'old' shoes were ripped at the front and had holes in the heels.... you really would think that a pair of £32 shoes would be a bit more hard wearing! He is loving his new pair though, as they have not one, not two but three velcro straps... and as he loves doing and undoing his shoes (normally in the car to drive me insane), he's going to be in velcro ripping heaven!
Onto today's prompt over at HS:MS which is 'tower'. This tower is made up of brightly coloured, stacking cups. We have a bit of a ritual in this house... When Harry goes for his nap, I make a tower for him. When he comes downstairs, it's the first thing he looks for, his face lights up, he claps his hands... then when I put him down he speed crawls over to give it a push. He pushes so hard that the cups fly all over the place which then makes the dog go all skitty, he tries to run away but can't get a grip on the laminate... kind of does a Scooby Do running on the spot thing, which makes Harry laugh, then chase after him. Jaspa tries to escape the wild child, who follows him to his bed in the kitchen... he crawls into the dog's bed, so the dog jumps out and runs back into the living room. This chasing and running away continues until the dog jumps onto the back of the sofa out of Harry's reach. I tell you, it's all fun and games in this house...LOL!!!
Right off to get busy with paper and glue!!!


Zoe said...

Great tower shot, love the colours.
The dog/laminate thing made me chuckle, we used to have a greyhound that did that Scooby Doo thing. Always made me laugh but she always looked terrified trying to get some grip!
Hope you feel better soon xx

Stefi said...

wow love this pic....... my 1st thought was digestive biscuits hmmmm , this not eating business has really got to me!!!

anyhow cool pic !! :)

Louise said...

love this

Jenga said...

pmsl :D

Hope you got some scrapping done :) Missed you at the crop ;)

jay670120 said...

i have awarded you with a little blog award , please go to my blog for details x

Jemma said...

ha ha ha love Harry and your game!!! but poor poor Jaspa!!

cant wait to see what you come up with and you better share tomorrow or there will be trouble!!!

missing you! xx

Rach said...

Cool tower, love the angle and colours. Boys and shoes tell me about it. If you got them from Clarkes you should take them back. I took Matts school shoes back about 6 weeks ago as they hadn't lasted as long as they should have done and they exchanged them for a brand new pair of Matts choice. I have done this a couple of times now over the last 15 years and they are very good I obviously don't do it for general scuffs and wear and tear but when a hole appears where there shouldn't be one then something is wrong with the shoe. If you think they have not lasted as long as they should have the chances are that they will feel the same way. x

nikki said...

Great photo and LOVE the story behind it - really made me chuckle :)

look forward to seeing the results of your scrapping.

pokettiger said...

Great thinking for tower! We have some cups like that too. My girls love to play with them.

Anonymous said...

hello, your blog gets scrummier by the second. Hope you are all good. The library tell me that I have lots of Crimble pressies downstairs. I think that they are from you. So sending lots of thank yous to you. xx annie