Saturday, 8 December 2007

Self Portrait Saturday

eeeek!!! that time of the week again... I really hate this part of HSMS!!! Today's shot has been taken like this to hide the mahoosive spot on my chin....LOL!!! To be fair it isn't that big... it's just I haven't done a great cover up job!I have been in the loft all day sorting baby clothes and toys and other baby parafenalia. Two big bin bags full of clothes have gone to the charity shop, leaving 6 boxes of baby clothes on the 'to keep' pile... just in case!
We have set up all of the hot wheels things that Oliver got last Christmas, so the loft really is a boys toys room now. It looks pretty good, and although I am fed up at not having had the chance to do anything fun today, I feel good that the job I have been putting off for weeks.
Rob is out again tonight, so I plan to finish a LO I started last night. I am using the stash for the January Scrapfairies gallery. The papers are lovely, but they are not what I usually work with, so they are proving quite a challenge!!! Still I'm up for a challenge:)


Jenga said...

A spot!!! You been eating too much PIZZA?????


Sue Nicholson said...

LOL ! I love the idea of using your camera to hide your spot! And "they" said we wouldn't get spots once we were out of our teens . . . mmmmmm not true :-(

Great shot for today


Jen said...

lol, fab idea to hide behind the camera!

Bambi said...

great cover-up idea (^_^)

Diana said...

Lovely shot and a great 'cover up' LOL
Love Di

Anonymous said...

lol... way to go girl!! No ordinary spot concealer for you :D