Monday, 10 December 2007


The prompt over at HSMS today is 'frosty'. We have no frost in our space today as the sun is shining and all is lovely. So I had to have a bit of a think about what to do. This decoration was bought for me years ago by Jonathan, my first head of department. I guess it is a Christmas decoration, but I love it so much that it sits on one of my shelves all year. It is really heavy so I don't think the branches on our artificial tree would be strong enough to hold it anyway!
The glass is really thick and has a cracked effect... like you get when it is frosty.

My two nights in on my own this week were not very productive at all!!! I got a LO done for the Scrapfairies gallery, and made a squash book. Notice I said made and NOT decorated!!! It seems that scrapping just cannot be done with the distraction of a laptop within arms reach...LOL!!!
Still I am not complaining as Saturday night was a fabby 'girls night in' with my very good friends.
Anyone for pizza?


Jenga said...

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! LOL!!

Jen said...

oooh i really like that! very pretty

Bobs said...

Love that ornament ..... what a nice boss to give you that!

I'll pass on the offer of pizza because I'm allergic to cheese!

Bambi said...

looks very nice (^_^)

sharon said...

ha ha..very inventive, cool shot.x

Chris said...

Clever idea and it's so pretty :D
Have to pass on the pizza though need to fit into something nice at Christmas... got any grapes? lol

anita said...

great frost shot! i'm so jealous...i miss a good old girls night in!

Aubrey Harns said...

Put me down for pizza! :) I love your shot today, what a neat ornament!

SuzyB said...

Gorgeous Louise :o)

Will we see you on Saturday?

Karen said...

Great take on the frosty--I was interested in your bio. I found scrapping through card making too. I think it's so interesting how people get where they are. Photography, for me, followed scrapbooking.

Rachael said...

Great shot Louise. I'll have a nice big slice please .

Jemma said...

Dominos BBQ chicken please!!!! xx

love the pic and i had a great time last saturday sorry ive been missing since then!! xx