Saturday, 10 November 2007

Self portrait Saturday

It's that time again... time for my ugly mug!!!This was taken this morning, before the stress of coat shopping!!! Last weekend I tried on a coat and really liked it... stupidly I didn't buy it there and then. We went back this afternoon... lots of the coat, but none in my size. So we get the girl behind the cash desk to phone a few other stores... no luck there either. So after trying on so many other coats which were not right, we come home empty handed. I went online and found another store which we hadn't checked with... phoned them and they had a coat...YEY!!! So off I trek to Middleton, never been there before so amazed that I didn't get lost... bought the coat and three tops also fell into the basket too....LOL!!!
Also picked up a few more bits and pieces for christmas... it was so good shopping with no kids in tow... no dragging things off rails with the pushchair, no constantly saying 'stay here, don't touch, no you can't have XYZ!!!'

Right off to print off photos so I can get something done tonight... was too tired to scrap last night, but tonight it is scrapping to high school musical... got to see what all this fuss is about!!!


Jenga said...

I have been day dreaming all day about shopping without the kids ! *sigh*
Enjoy HSM - I have got Hostel 2 lined up :O

Sue Nicholson said...

Great sp Louise. Seems an age since I have been over to see you :(

Anyway, back now. Love the story about your coat. Why do we do that? So pleased it all ended well and you got even more than you bargained for :)

Right off now to sort out some creative stuff . . . maybe.


Hazel said...

Great shot today. Glad you got the coat in the end.

Natalie said...

Thats a lovely pic of you!

High School Musical rocks....i'm taking my friend to see it on ice for his 21st!! I know very sad!

Pleased you got what you wanted x

SuzyB said...

Nooooooo not ugly mug at all, a lovely picture of you!

Caz said...

Beautiful pic Louise...certainly no "ugly mug" (your words not mine). us a piccie of the coat.

Diana said...

So glad you got your coat! lets see it. I cannot see your SP for some reason so will try again. Judging from what the other girls say it is NOT an ugly mug shot!

Mima said...

Love the photo of you, you may have terrible nails, but you have gorgeous eyes, which that photo makes stand out! Glad to hear that you were eventually successful with your shopping trip even if it did need an expedition!

Rachael said...

Oooo I can't see an ugly mug you look so pretty in that shot. x