Monday, 21 May 2007


After a few months of not being a Scrapagogo subscriber, I can stand it no more!!! I resubscribed today after getting yellow box envy at a crop a few weeks ago... can't wait to receive the first kit.... roll on June 15th...LOL!!!


Rach said...

Aha! I knew stalking your blog would reveal what goodies you'd been buying! I was looking at the scrapagogo kits this morning!

JERM said...

oohh i forgot to tell you *WEEKS AGO* i couldnt find those stamps for you, the font works ones, i tried all the stores in the area and no one had any - sorry!

Louise Stevenson said...

thanks for trying Jemma, don't worry I can wait until you send me your set...LOL!!!

Autumn Leaves do a very similar font so I will probably get that instead:)