Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A LO to cheer my sorry self up

Have been feeling a little bit down today for various reasons. Last night Lulu the hamster died... I am a complete wuss when it comes to pets so was in buckets of tears. After vowing 'never again' and a rotten nights sleep due to too much snot, Oliver and I went and bought Rex this morning.... hamster #4!!!

Also yesterday I made the decision to leave my team on UKS. I have struggled with this decision as I have made some of the best friends and have loved getting to know them since December 2005. A few lovely messages from team members left me regretting my decision, and on top of the whole hamster situation more tears followed.... I'm telling you, I'm a woman on the edge!!! maybe some serious stash shopping would help....LOL!!!

So tonight I decided to do a quickie LO of this piccie to cheer myself up. I can't look at this picture without chuckling on the inside, and now I feel much better. I also used new stamps that arrived today and a few stamps that I have been meaning to use since I HAD to have them....

I bought the papers a while ago and thought I would struggle to use them, but tonight thought what the heck and just went for it, and must say I am really liking the end result... maybe I should speed scrap more often!!!


Anonymous said...

I Love the lo, love the stamps - whos are they??

And i dont think you should leave the team, it wont be the same without you!! lets just get some new members who are cheery and posititive and continue as a team!!

I cant be bothered logging in so im anon! - jemma

Sarah aka Gertie said...

ooh wish I had seen those stamps,maybe I need to get them LOL.
Great layout and fab picture :-)

Anonymous said...

that picture is priceless - gave me a good chuckle - I can so relate! Love the stamps too!