Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Had a busy night scrapping last night, but the internet was playing up so didn't get chance to upload. This weeks pencil lines sketch was interesting... very 'curvy'! I didn't even attempt it on Sunday evening as it just didn't appeal that much... a bit too perfect and accurate looking.

Not one to be beaten, I sat down last night and had a go... not sure if I am 100% happy with the LO, 75% happy maybe! Showed Oliver this morning and he did his happy T. Rex stomp... so I guess he is Tres Happy with it...LOL!!!

The other LO I am loving.... I have been licking this American Crafts paper for ages and finally took the brave steps to cut it up and stick it down!!! I love the piccie of niblet... he isn't too sure about the bumbo, but on this day I actually managed to get a few pictures of him sat upright and looking happy!!!

Another Harry first... yesterday he held a toy on his own and put it in his mouth to 'chew' on! I am such a proud mummy!!!
I think he is teething as he is dribbling for Britain. I tell you, if it's not bogies it's dribble... and don't even get me started on the nappies now he is being weaned!!!!!


Jenga said...

fwoargh!!!!!!!!!! Love that bumbo LO!!!! Love the dino one too - wasn't sketch #30 hard???

Ann(i)e said...

WOW, GORGEOUS Pencil Lines lo...love all that tearing!!!

domestic goddess said...

love your PL sketch this week, great photos

Paula said...

Fab layouts.
Love the tearing & curling papers on the Bumbo layouts.
Think the dino one is great too!