Thursday, 19 April 2007

Rusks and smiling just don't go!!!

Have started weaning Harry as he is just sooooooo hungry all the time..... I know that the HV would have a dickie fit, but she's not the one pinned down for hours on end by a milk sucking monster!!!
Normally babies only take a few very small spoons of 'solids' when they first start to wean... NOT MY BOY... he has a full rusk mixed with milk!!! And just how yummy are Farley's rusks? I suspect that they are quite high on weight watchers points, although they are not listed in the hand book... can't think why...LOL!!!
The only problem I am finding with this weaning malarky is that Harry gets so excited when it is rusk time that he giggles and talks away, and the rusk gets everywhere!!!

Oliver had two friends round after nursery today, so from 3:00 until 5:45 the house was very noisy and extremely messy... just how quickly can boys get every single toy out?!?!?
When their mum's came to pick them up we decided to go to Macdonald's for tea... I know I know, Jamie Oliver would have me publicly flogged, but once in a while doesn't hurt anyone...
Whilst we were out Rob came home, and thought we had been burgled because of the state of the front room...LOL!!! Bless him, he tidied up before we got back, although I missed the photo op!!!


JERM said...

OMG those photos are just too cute!! looks like hes liking food!!

Monika said...

Harry is massive. I am not surprised he like his rusks. Good for your taking things into your own hands. HVs usually offer good advice, but mother knows best.