Sunday, 15 April 2007

How stupid am I?

Only went and forgot the camera yesterday!!! I could kick myself... so many photo opportunities... the first time Oliver would go down the tube slide on his own, Harry's first time at the park, both boys in a good mood AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!

Oh well there will be many more trips to Bruntwood I'm sure.

Well the Easter holiday is almost at an end... back to doing the walks to and from nursery tomorrow. If this lovely weather continues I will walk with the pushchair for the couple of hours that Oliver is at nursery... I seriously need to do more exercise... I have bits hanging where bits shouldn't hang...LOL!!!! We have an 'instant abs' machine downstairs, that does get the dust cleaned off it quite often.... only problem is it gets cleaned with a duster NOT my fat bum using the thing!!! Soooooooooo, from tonight I am only allowed to scrap if I have done the 12 minute routine on the 'make mummy lean machine'.

Completed another LO last night. This one came out of my head... not from a sketch!!! I am challenging myself to use things that have been hanging around for a while... this time I used the left over fabric from a project I did ages ago, a punch that I got from a PIF on UKS, and the paper rippler that I had from a cardmaking starter kit from way back!!!

Used the sewing machine again too... much to Rob's annoyance!!! I'm sure if we ever got divorced the sewing machine would be cited as the cause...LOL!!!

Not planning on going anywhere today... just having a nice family day in the garden.
Have a good one.


Jenga said...

Gorgeous LO hun xx I am starting to think I had better jump on the lean mummy bandwagon.... scraed of failing though!! You are doing so well with it - keep up the great work :)

Monika said...

Love your layout. Glad I found your blog.