Sunday, 22 April 2007


How cold is it today? OMG, last weekend we were nearly cooked, this weekend I am nearly frozen!!! I am sat here with a fleece on and my slippers (and other clothes obviously) and my finger nails are blue!!!

This morning we took Oliver for his first swimming lesson and I am pleased to say the boy did good!!! We had to laugh though... we were sat on one side of the pool, and Oliver was on the other side with the teacher... everyone else in his group had jumped in, but Oliver was stood shaking his head! We could see his mouth going but couldn't hear what he was saying... but guessed that he was saying he didn't want to get in!!! They got him in the pool and he managed to do all that he was told to do, and didn't whinge once, even when the teacher poured water over him with a watering can!!! By the end of the lesson he was jumping in no problems at all, and now can't wait until next weeks lesson.

It makes me really sad that we live in a world where we can't take photos of our children swimming...
Managed to get this LO done this afternoon whilst Rob took the boys for a walk... I have used my new stamps and they are sooooooo lovely. Methinks they are going to get used lots and lots!!!
Have been meaning to scrap this photo for ages... it is Oliver's favourite toy. He has had so much money spent on new toys over the years, yet this £3:00 buy from a carboot sale is the toy he has played with the most!!! He was about 20 months old when I bought this... I walked into the house with it, and Oliver wanted to play with it straight away... however it was very dirty so needed a good clean first. The boy couldn't wait, and whilst I was scrubbing away in the kitchen, he came toddling through struggling to carry his box of cars... quite amazing seeing that he had only been walking for 2 months!!!
Sunday night... new pencil lines sketch!!! See you later....

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